SingerSen – Debut Album Release – 30th November 2012

Acclaimed Chinese singer’s debut album, “The World in My Eyes” will be available via limited physical release in selected stores in PRC and digitally via i-tunes, Spotify, Amazon etc.

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SingerSen was invited to perform in Mmax Future Pictures Festival

The first Mmax Future Pictures Festival was held in Beijing on 26th March.Famous Chinese movie stars and dirctors attended this festival, including Fan Binbin, Yaochen, Tong Dawei, etc. SingerSen was invited to perform her new song HeartBeats in the festival.

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SingerSen release her 2nd EP GhostStreet digitally

SingerSen's 2nd EP GhostStreet will be released firstly on iTunes, and then it will be available on Amazon, Emusic, DEEZER and SPOTIFY soon.

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SingerSen rocks in the 24th Mercedes-CSI

From 27th Jan to 29th JaN, the 24th Mercedes-CSI had been the luminous star, shining bright in the international showjumping sky, covered by all kinds of media. More than 35'000 spectators could feast their eyes at this the highest rated indoor showjumping tournament and impressive show in Hallen Stadon, the largest arena in Zurich. On this stage, the Chinese diva SingerSen gave the European audience a brand new concept of comtemporary Chinese music with her beautiful performance.

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Shadows MV got over 2 million hits on internet

Sina ent. news: Shaodws is the first music video of SingerSen. This song is created by SingerSen together with Guy Sigsworth, recorded and mixed in UK. This song is a symbolic song of SingerSens unique music style, also with high quality of international pop music. The music video is directed by a taleted young director Vash, who just came back from UK.

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